High school students participated in the Education and Career Development Camp at MAKU.

Yayın Tarihi | 15 May 2024, Wednesday

The Tourism Facilities Coordination established within Burdur Mehmet Akif University (MAKÜ) started its activities in January 2024 to strengthen the marketing activities of Lavanta Tepesi Hotel and other tourism investments. Focusing on new product development for Lavanta Tepesi Hotel, the coordination developed a special accommodation package for high school students. The first guests of the "Education and Career Development Camp" introduced to the market were high school students from Isparta.


Sport tourism, congresses, conferences, and special event organizations have made Lavanta Tepesi Hotel a well-known brand in the region with its quality service approach. The hotel continues to expand its product range.


Education and Career Development Camp


The Education and Career Development Camp, carried out for the first time at Lavanta Tepesi Hotel with the participation of high school students from Isparta, includes a special program for high school students. The students participating in the camp first undergo the "Career Planning Test" developed by the MAKÜ Career Development Application and Research Center. The test results of the students are evaluated by the university's expert faculty members with the students at the hotel. Thus, individual routes can be created for "personality-career compatibility" and "career planning" for students preparing for university. During the Education and Career Development Camp, which lasts between three days and one week, special seminars such as "coping strategies with anxiety," "time management," and "being a university student" are provided for students preparing for university entrance exams. The "applied breathing exercises training" conducted by experts from the Faculty of Sports Sciences contributes to students' stress management and healthy living skills.


The recreational activities offered to students during the camp program allow the Education and Career Development Camp to be conducted in an enjoyable environment. Throughout the camp, students who receive various trainings and participate in mock exam sessions can participate in activities such as football, basketball, table tennis, swimming, and mini concerts with their friends to relieve stress.


Innovative Education Camp Highly Praised by High School Students


Expressing their satisfaction with the demand for the Education and Career Development Camp, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serhat Adem Sop, Coordinator of MAKÜ Tourism Facilities, said, "We successfully presented the first program we carefully prepared to high school students from Isparta. This product we developed based on effective marketing efforts and strong coordination among MAKÜ units actually has a unique quality. Because we offer our guest students experiences beyond what every hotel can offer, such as relaxation and entertainment. Activities such as the career planning test application, breathing exercises, anxiety management training, and being a university student discussion conducted by our expert academicians form the basis of our product. We enrich these with sports activities and other recreational activities. Therefore, the students who participated in our Education and Career Development Camp experienced much more than a short vacation. It made us happy to see them leave the hotel satisfied after the camp and receive positive feedback. In line with this motivation, we have accelerated the promotion of our new product, which we call the Education and Career Development Camp."


The trainings offered for the camp program and the content of the program can be diversified according to the desires and demands of high schools.