'Disaster and Fire Games' Featured Colorful Images

Yayın Tarihi | 21 May 2024, Tuesday

The 'Disaster and Fire Games', organized in collaboration with Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAKU) and Burdur Municipality Fire Department, were full of colorful and exciting scenes. The event, which hosted a fierce competition among university students, attracted attention as it was held for the first time on a large scale nationwide.


This year's competitions brought together university students from different cities, as MAKU took the competition, which it had previously organized only among its own students, to the national arena. The event, in which 17 teams competed and 186 athletes participated, continued for two days at MAKU Independence Stadium and was completed with great participation and enthusiasm.


Burdur Mayor Ali Orkun Ercengiz, MAKU Rector Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Dalgar, Deputy Mayors Hülya Eraslan and Mustafa Bozkurt, academics, firefighters, and many students attended the final of the 'Disaster and Fire Games' event. A fierce competition took place among the 18 teams participating in the event.


Among the teams competing in challenging courses and various tasks, Team 75 from Ardahan University Nihat Deli Balta Göle Vocational School won the championship cup. The Fight Back team from MAKU Cevat Sayılı Health Sciences Faculty came second, while the Fire Ball team from MAKU Altınyayla Mehmet Tuğrul Security Vocational School came third. The Ayyıldız team from MAKU Cevat Sayılı Health Sciences Faculty came fourth and the Etzel team from the same faculty came fifth.


As part of the event, many competitions requiring physical endurance and skill were held among Civil Defense, Firefighting, Emergency Aid and Disaster Management Department students. Students competed against time in tasks such as walking in a narrow area on a balance board, jumping obstacles with a ladder, strength and condition tests, weight pulling, high obstacle jumping, carrying a stretcher from debris, and intervening in a fire.


At the end of the competitions, the top 5 teams were awarded with a cup, certificate of achievement and medals at the award ceremony. Mayor Ali Orkun Ercengiz and Rector Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Dalgar congratulated the successful students and expressed their wish for the event to become traditional and be held every year.