"The Symposium on Personalities Adding Value to Burdur" Started at MAKU

Yayın Tarihi | 24 May 2024, Friday

The opening of the "Symposium of Personalities Adding Value to Burdur", where important figures contributing to the cultural and historical heritage of Burdur are introduced, was held. The symposium, held at Lavanta Tepesi Hotel, started with a music recital presented by Yunus Gürkan Avcar and Halil Ardıç, students of the State Conservatory of Turkish Music, accompanied by pumpkin violin and reed flute.


The symposium was attended by the Governor of Burdur Türker Öksüz, Mayor Ali Orkun Ercengiz, Rector Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Dalgar and the Management Team, Representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations, important personalities of Burdur, academics and students.


The symposium, organized to reveal Burdur's rich history and cultural accumulation and to keep it alive in social memory, started with a music recital accompanied by pumpkin violin and reed flute by Yunus Gürkan Avcar and Halil Ardıç, students of the State Conservatory of Turkish Music, and the screening of a promotional film prepared by the MAKÜ Corporate Communication Application and Research Center Directorate.


Then, the Chairman of the Symposium Organizing Committee and Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Ömer Tekşen, made the opening speech. Tekşen emphasized that Burdur has produced many valuable personalities throughout history, saying, "As MAKÜ, we are researching these valuable names. These studies will greatly contribute to the cultural life of Burdur."


Prof. Dr. Sevinç Aliyeva from the Azerbaijan Language Commission emphasized the unity of the Turkish world, saying, “I came as an Azerbaijani full of victories. I am proud to be Turkish. We will always protect the values of Atatürk and Haydar Aliyev.”


Universities Are Responsible for the Culture and Education of the City They Are Located In


Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Dalgar, Rector of Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University (MAKÜ), emphasized in his speech at the symposium that MAKÜ operates with the motto "from universal knowledge to social contribution". Dalgar, stating that universities should contribute to the culture and education of the city they are located in, expressed that they work in close cooperation with stakeholders such as National Education, Mufti, press and chamber of commerce.


Rector Dalgar, stating that the personalities who add value to Burdur are discussed within the scope of the symposium, said that these values are shared with scientific presentations. Dalgar, stating that 70 separate papers will be presented at the symposium, announced that they have created a permanent web page for archiving these papers. He explained that on this page, a referee committee consisting of scientists will continue to add personalities that add value to Burdur to the list in line with suggestions.


Rector Dalgar, stating that MAKÜ has earned the right to receive full institutional accreditation for 5 years, which only 20 universities in Turkey have, expressed that this success is a source of pride for Burdur. Dalgar, stating that MAKÜ has started to come to good places in world university rankings, emphasized that the reputation of the university is important for everyone in Burdur.


Finally, Dalgar, who thanked the philanthropists who donated to the university, stated that the university's land is so large thanks to the contributions of the BURYÖV Foundation. Dalgar, stating that they also invited philanthropists who built schools or buildings for the university to the symposium, said, “The founders and managers of BURYÖV Foundation, who were the founders and managers of that day, have gained this land for our university. I would like to express our gratitude to the valuable management of BURYÖV, which pioneered the establishment of our university, and to the philanthropists who donated buildings. On this occasion, I would like to thank our valuable fellow citizens who have contributed in any way to the development of our university, which we cannot finish by naming. In the Symposium of Those Who Add Value to Burdur, while remembering the personalities who left a mark in the memory of our city, I also express our gratitude to the selfless philanthropists who contribute to the development of our University.”


Burdur Mayor Ali Orkun Ercengiz drew attention to the city's 8,000-year history, saying, “Burdur is a city that has formed Turkish traditions and its own unique culture. We will continue to keep alive many important names and places from Fakir Baykurt to Piribaşlar Mansion,” he said.


Governor Türker Öksüz emphasized the importance of recognizing those who add value to Burdur's rich historical and cultural heritage. “Today, we are here to commemorate, honor and get to know more closely the personalities who add value to Burdur's rich history and cultural heritage,” he said.


In the symposium, which will last for 3 days, many valuable names such as Fahrettin Altay from World War I to Burdur Deputy, Burdur Deputy Mehmet Akif Ersoy, Neriman Şimşek Mıhladız, Mustafa Şeref Bey, Halil Hulusi Efendi, Derviş Mehmed Pasha, Mustafa Efendi, Martyr Pilot Lieutenant Ayfer Gök, Fakir Baykurt, İbrahim Kafesoğlu, Elmalılı Muhammed Hamdi Yazır, Artillery Sergeant Halil İbrahim Günaydın, Abdullah Aşçı will be commemorated.